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Haim.Z has released a limited edition collection of Judaica art bills featuring remastered versions of old bills with inspirational leaders like Ben Gurion, Theodor Herzl, and Golda Meir, as well as a shekel bill with Albert Einstein. Measuring 32cm x 14cm and limited to 500 pieces each, Haim.Z has added his unique touch to each bill with vibrant colors and pop art elements.

In addition to the bills, Haim.Z has also released a collection of larger pieces measuring 120cm x 50cm, limited to 180 pieces each. These pieces reflect Haim.Z's strong sense of Zionism and spirituality, with a focus on celebrating Jewish history and culture through his creative and colorful art.

Overall, Haim.Z's collection of Judaica art bills and larger pieces offer a fresh and unique take on traditional design, infused with the artist's passion for Judaism and Zionism.

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